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Libra Season

Welcome, Libra Season! 23rd September to 22nd October 2021

Rosegold libra starsign bracelet

It is a special time of year that represents new beginnings and new life. Those living in the Southern Hemisphere will feel this pull especially strong as they welcome Spring.

Libra is ruled by Venus, so what does this mean for you?

It means it is a great time to work on finding balance in harmony in your relationships, including romantic partnerships as well as friendships.

Libra season is all about finding a balance in your life that works for you, finding trust in the cosmic scales.

Find your balance this month with this roundup of celestial favourites in art, home décor, art, jewellery and wellness.

Art - Mystique Libra Print

Libra art print

Homewares - Celestial Tea Cup

tea cup and saucer with stars and moon pattern in gold

Candle - Libra Hand Drawn Zodiac Candle

Jewellery - Libra Starsign Bracelet Rosegold

cosmic scales rose gold bracelet

Let me know in the comments what star sign you are

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libra season 2021

welcome to libra season 2021

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