Friday Favourites - Friday The Thirteenth

Welcome to Feel Good Friday! This week is a special edition of the weekly roundup. Today I'm featuring feel good favourites with a spooky twist.


The Frankie Trinket Dish by Bath N Table.

Black cats throughout history have built the reputation of being a bad omen, but this is only the view of some cultures. The ancient Egyptians considered cats as great guardians of the underworld, treasured creatures. This trinket dish is a cute addition to your dressing table perfect for keeping small jewellery.


The Invisible Man directed by Australian director Leigh Whannell, starring Elisabeth Moss. A thrilling film to get wrapped up with this Friday night in lockdown. The story follows a woman who believes she is being stalked by her ex boyfriend who she believes to be invisible, but he is supposedly dead. An incredible performance and a story you do not want to miss a moment of.


The Mad Morelands is an eight part historical novel series centering around an upper class but unusual family, The Morelands. Full of ominous feelings, deciphering dreams, romance, drama and a twist of dark magic. A great weekend read that will keep your enthralled. Check out the series on Goodreads.


On Friday the thirteenth, weird things always just seem to happen. Whether that be the road you need to turn on is closed on the one day you are running late for work, your computer glitches, then dies losing the important document you were working on. Sometimes we just need good vibes on our side and this is why it is great to carry crystals with you. Crystals have vibrations with properties that emit and hold energy. A great stone to carry is amethyst, known for it's exceptionally protective and healing qualities. Amethyst is a great stone to carry in your pocket or to keep on your desk. Above and Beyond Star have a fantastic range of tumbled stones.

What's been a moment this week that has made you have little laugh and smile to yourself or has something spooky or out of the ordinary occurred?

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