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Friday Favourites 6th August

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Welcome to Feel Good Friday!

A weekly roundup of everyday magic moments, weekly favourites in home decor and wellness.


This week The Olympics have been a welcome distraction to those in lockdown and isolation. Gold medalist Tom Daley a diver representing Great Britain was spotted in the crowd at multiple Olympic events, knitting. On Instagram, he credits knitting as "a way of finding calm, mindfulness and it relieves stress". What an incredible and wholesome creative outlet. Stay inspired and follow along on his Instagram account dedicated to knitting and crochet Made with love by Tom Daley. Catch up on all your favourite Olympic events on 7Plus.


The Betsy occasional chair by Fenton & Fenton.

The Betsy is opulent and cosy, perfect to relax and unwind on. A beautiful piece of furniture to style in a reading nook, fireside in the living room or statement piece for your bedroom or walk-in wardrobe.


Simple Soulful Sacred by women's mentor and bestselling author Megan Dalla - Camina.

A Woman's guide to clarity, comfort and coming home to herself. I have had this book at my bedside and every night have read a few chapters, and every day I was inspired to live every day with purpose.


During this lockdown, I've really enjoyed spending time in the kitchen. Cooking and baking scrumptious desserts and tasty dinners. I find it to be a fun and rewarding experience. I enjoy using Donna Hay's recipes as they are easy to follow and are always yummy. Looking for a weekend dessert, have a go at making Donna Hay's Classic Apple Crumble.


I love curling up next to the fire and watching a good romance. Virgin River, based on the novel by Robyn Carr is a feel-good story full of lovable characters and the most beautiful setting. With 3 seasons to catch up on, it is perfect for relaxing and unwinding this weekend.

What's been a moment this week that has made you have little laugh and smile to yourself?

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