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A Guide to Healthy Eating (The Ultimate 28 Day Plan)

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Healthy eating is something that is always talked about. It's always been the Pinterest dream that you are going to start tomorrow but when tomorrow comes it's pushed along another day. This attitude often follows peoples grand plans to exercise and join classes, but somehow something ALWAYS seems to get in the way. 

I was so excited to recieve this recipe book from @thehealthymummy 
I love to cook and am always looking for a tasty new recipe to try. I love knowing that when I cook something myself I know what all of the ingredients are going in to be consumed. 
I know if there are added fats and sugars. 
When you start cooking yourself you are taking control of what you are putting into your body. Trends are taking a turn pointing people in a more healthy and environmental sustainable direction. This helps to make people feel the good changes around them. There is a lot in life that we cannot change but we all can make choices with our diet and it can make a huge change in our daily lives.  

This cookbook is different from any other I've seen before. Rhian Allen the writer and creator of her widely popular blog and brand has created this book as a guide "The Ultimate 28 Day Plan".
The books contents shares meal plans to follow to follow each week for 4 weeks. As well as the weekly plan it also shares extra tips for cooking, planning and other recipes including smoothies. The back of the book also features a great step by step exercise plan, easy and quick exercises that will really burst your energy and health. 

 The recipe that I decided to try first was part of week 4 breakfast menu, Date and Oat Breakfast Slice. The slice looked really appealing to me and all the ingredients sounded tasty and healthy. The core ingredients being rolled oats, dates and apple. To make it healthier almond meal and coconut oil are used. My only concern for this recipe before I made it was if it would actually be tasty and yum, if it would be a snack I would choose to eat, but I was pleasantly proved wrong. After making the slice and cutting it up I tried it and it was truly very tasty. It had a sweet flavour because of the dates and apple, the oats gave a really nice texture therefore adding to the overall flavour and experience. The small bit of cinnamon added also adds to the tasty flavour of the slice.

I will definitely be making this slice again, perfect for a morning and afternoon snack, easy to pack for the day ahead and feels good knowing that you are eating good and whole ingredients. It was easy to make and the instructions in the recipe were really clear leaving no room to ruin or waste any ingredients.

Other recipes from the book that I am excited to try are
- The Easy Apple and Cinnamon Porridge (it sounds perfect for the cold mornings we've been having in Sydney)
- Oat and Cinnamon Pancakes
- Coconut lam with Cauliflower rice
- Chicken noodle stir-fry
- Fish and veggie kebabs
- Chargrilled pumpkin, red onion and spincahc salad

The list is endless and I can't wait to share more of my healthy meal creations.
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