Friday, 22 December 2017

A Christmas DIY

DIY Reindeer Bottles, your perfect Christmas accessory for the day itself a party, function or backyard BBQ. It is sure to bring a smile to all those who encounter it. They are so simple and easy to make and if you're up for some extra creativity you may even be able to create unique Christmas ornaments. I had extra baubles lying around and adapted the design and it turned out very cute. 

- Bottle to decorate at room temp as so the glue works properly

- Pipecleaners, 1and a half are needed per reindeer bottle
- Googly eyes
- Pom pom for the reindeers nose
- Hot Glue gun

STEP 1 - Firstly glue on the googly eyes to the neck of your bottle

STEP 2 - Glue the reindeers nose under the eyes. You can even use red to create Rudolphs signature colour.
STEP 3 - Make the antlers. Using 1 pipecleaner wrap around the highest point of the neck, then twist till secure, using another pipecleaner of the same colour cut it into half and that into half again so you are left with two shorter pieces. Wrap these smaller pieces on each antler as to achieve three points on each side.

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