Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Marilyn Monroe

I love to play dress up. When I was little I would dress up in the most gorgeous fairy outfits covered with sequins and glitter accessorised with shoes decorated with a pom pom on top. Playing dress up was my own collection of treasures, a place where I had the ability to become anything or anyone I wanted to be. My dress up box was filled to the brim with delicate fairy wings, princess dresses, mermaid tails, magic capes, witches hats and many more accessories to transform myself into all the worlds of my imagination.

Going back in time and the characters from the past makes for a great dress up opportunity. Going back in time seems like such an incredibly romantic journey. The 50s is full of glamours parties and the silver screen, the 20s full of jazz, and dancing. It all seems so much fun and a place where I want to go even just for a day. 
I haven't been able to post myself back in time, but I did my hair up Hollywood glam style, dramatic wings on my eyes and a bold classic red lipstick. Hello Miss Marilyn Monroe. 
I had so much fun dressing up like Marilyn Monroe in her famous white dress being swept away in the wind. It really did feel as though I had travelled back in time into a film of the golden age. These pictures were taken at a family run picture theatre and boutique on the Central Coast of NSW. It's a dazzling and beautiful place to be that takes you on a journey back in time
See how you can get the "Marilyn Monroe" look on my YouTube channel

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