Monday, 15 May 2017

Akubras on the Beach

Top Sportsgirl - Shorts Jay Jays - Hat Akubra - Sunglasses Ralph Lauren

I love the beach and I love the country. Both give me a feeling of tranquility and peace. At the beach I can get lost in myself looking out to sea, watching the waves roll in predicting what they'll look like in a few hours, watching the tides change and always dreaming. I can dream of an old shipwreck from long ago and make up stories for those who were abroad or I may be randomly inspired and have an idea for a blog post or video or even a school project. 

The country is where my heart lies. I love country music, Akubras, peace and quiet and long country roads. I love the idea of being in a field of wildflowers surrounded by nothing but the beauty of the nature around me. 

Today I spent the day at the beach creating my own adventure climbing rocks, writing my name in the sand and trying my best not to loose my Akubra in the wind. 

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