Monday, 24 April 2017

Tale as old as Time

Tale as old as time, True as it can be
Recently I went to watch the very much anticipated Beauty and the Beast live-action film and it was beautiful. Watching the film in the movie theater had me so mesmerized that I felt I was watching a live production musical telling the story of Belle and the Beast and how they fell in love.

As I was excited to see the film I found some inspiration from the costume of Belle featuring a palette of sky blue and cream. I Disney Bound my look for the day and felt as if I could play Belle for the day. After the film for days all that rings in my head is the music so I hum the tunes and sing and dance through my own streets, I also wanted the furniture in my home to come alive and sing along with me. Beauty and the Beast filled me with the magic of Disney and the joy and happiness it may bring.

After the watching Beauty and the Beast, I walked past the most beautiful shop Kitten D'Amour and felt as though I was in the great grand castle. The shop is full of vintage furniture and accessories that felt as though they were about to come to life singing a song about the style and cut of dress they were all the while helping you choose and outfit. It added to the magic of the day. 

I hope you have a magical week full of love and laughter. 
Comment who your favourite Disney princess below would love to hear about it.

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