Monday, 27 March 2017

Monday Mood Board

Today is Monday, the day of the week when everybody gets a do over, the day of the week we all dread because we have to get up, get ready for the day ahead, back to our daily routines wishing for the weekend to come around, counting down the days until you are on holidays.
For me the next two week are filled with boring exams but even through this time everyday must be treasured for you never know when your days will be over. Each and every day should hold a memory something look at and laugh. Everyday is a good day even the most frustrating and upsetting days there should be something to smile about and most importantly to laugh about.

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  1. Lately, my Mondays haven't been the dreadful days I always thought that they were.

    I love your positive outlook; The world could use more of that!

    Happy Tuesday!


    1. Thank you so much Steph, it makes me smile to hear that your Mondays are looking brighter xx Enjoy the rest of your week

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