Friday, 20 January 2017

My Summer

I love beach holidays! They are the perfect chance to sit back and relax, read a good book, read the gossip magazines you'd seen in the shops, have a nice snooze on the sand, play cricket, walk lots, swim and adventures you've been dreaming of. 

Most importantly a beach holiday is a fantastic time to be with your family and the people you love and make you feel the best version of yourself. That is what the holidays are truly about. For my family it's one of the only times when we are together and aren't interrupted by work calls, stress of schoolwork and deadlines to be met. These are the moments when you can be truly struck with inspiration. For me I was inspired with a design concept for a major project of costume design that I have to complete in my final year of highschool. These holidays make the time for your friends and take the time for your family because life becomes so much better when spending time around the ones we love, time is precious and must not be wasted. Make every year a good year.
Lots of love 

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