Thursday, 17 November 2016

Inspirational Speeches

I was in a class at school, it was a normal boring lesson just like any other. The task assigned for the lesson was to find our favourite speech from a movie. This was very uninspiring as when I and most people "think" of the word "speeches or speech" we instantly have bad thoughts of how all speeches are ALWAYS too long, too boring and never conveys a message that leaves any inspirations or aspirations to go and do something and make a change in the world . But this is wrong, the more I pondered on the task ahead of me I discovered that a lot of MY favourite movies include fantastic speeches. Speeches that complete the movie, that are well written and have a purpose that changed the angle and perspective of the movie. The speech I choose was Ren McCormack's speech from the musical movie Footloose (2010). "There's a time to weep, there's a time to mourn and there is a time to dance and this is our time".

Here is a list of movies and their speeches that make these movies so great:

Footloose - Court Scene

Accepted - Court Scene

High School Musical Senior Year - Troy's Graduation Speech

Legally Blonde 2 - Speak Up 

Geek Charming - Blossom Queen Speech

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