Friday, 12 August 2016

Explore - Dream - Discover

Explore. Dream. Discover

Sixteen going on seventeen
The crave for adventure
What lays beyond the shores
To dare, to challenge, to stir
Explore the unknown
Get under their skin

Declare the challenge to our rivals
What lies beyond the shores
Dream the unthinkable be unpredictable
Sail the seas up in the clouds
Be loud be proud in what you say
Dare to discover by what others say

Twenty years from now
You did and you didn’t
Don’t fret or be in regret
Thirty-six going on thirty-seven
Explored the shores
Made the unknown known
Bandaged by the challenge
But won by rivals

I was loud I was proud
Did the unthinkable and am still unpredictable
What lies beyond the shores
Explore. Dream. Discover

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