Sunday, 17 January 2016

Disney Channel Throwback

Disney and the Disney channel has always been special to me. From Disney princesses to Phineas and Ferb, I have loved it all. The new original movies always had me excited, but soon enough another came out and the older ones forgotten.

These are my favourite original Disney Channel movies you may have forgotten about from when the stars of Disney channel use to create the Disney logo and say "Your're watching Disney Channel".

Stuck in the Suburbs
Two girls living in the suburbs where not much changes until superstar Jordan Cahill comes to town.

Sky High
The school in the sky for the children of the most famous superheroes.

Jump In
Double Dutch and Boxing and the choice and sacrifice of Izzy Daniels.

Life is Ruff
Training up a dog to win a competition and the adventures that happen because of this naughty and lovable dog.

A time machine created to help people around the school but is it all really for the best?

Go figure
The life and dreams of Katelin Kingsford becoming a figure skater.

Jessica Olson's life is changed forever when she meet the famous pop star Christopher Wilde.

The Lizzie Maguire Movie
A school trip to Rome, being mistaken for the famous Isabella Parigi and living her life, performing on a huge stage having the time of her life.

Princess Protection Program
The unlikely friendship of the Princess of Costa Luna and Rosie Gonzalez small town girl whilst going to school and keeping the Princess safe from the harm of happening in her country.

Jonny Tsunami
The ultimate war between skiers and snowboarders and who and what will come out on top.

The Hannah Montana Movie
The Hannah Montana movie was what made us see the making of Hannah from her home in Tennessee to her crazy life being Hannah in Malibu and around the world. It's a movie that os full of singing and dancing you'll never forget. Let' do the Hoedown Throwdown.

These are all my favourite movies from the Disney Channel growing up.
What are your favourite Disney Channel movies?
I'm Chelsea Widdicombe from and you're watching Disney Channel. 

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  1. Only seeing the logo of Disney Channel takes me back to those school days when we used to finish our homework quickly to watch our favorite shows. Miss that time!

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