Thursday, 15 October 2015

Stuck in the School Library

It's a dark overcast school day and all you want to do is come home from school relax and chill out for the rest of the night but you have to stay back at school. You're stuck in the library left with nothing else but non fiction books, boring old books full of dust that aren't accurate anymore, then you see a friend and you know that you are in this together you're so happy chatting away and then shhhhhh but you continue talking and shhhh comes again.
Well now the hope of having a chat is gone you've been split up by the librarian and you are now on opposite sides of the library stranded!  You could study but that's boring and the very last option to go for. You look over your shoulder at the rows and rows of book on top of all the shelves that go on and on. But with your imagination running wild you start the search of the possibility of finding one book that may interest you to give you a glimmer of hope on this gloomy afternoon. You get up and start to walk down the shelves and nothing, nothing and more nothing but then you see it, the one you have been looking for.

50 Years of Australian Vogue

Yves Saint Laurent and Valentino memoirs. 

The classic work of Walt Disney and everything that followed 

Collections of fashion books all hiding on the back of the shelves. 

Next time if ever stuck in a library make the most of it and find something that may inspire you even if you think it's only the school library with no character, there is always the power of creativity and your own imagination.

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