Sunday, 14 June 2015

End of Term (Hakuna Matata)

The end of the school term is days away. But you still have to get through the next week, and everything happens in the last week of school. Bundles of assignments you only just found out about, 20 pages of catch up work that you missed and. There are always lunch time activities and meetings to be at. There is just too much going on and why? The last week of term is meant to be fun and bit more slow than the rest. But it is only the end of term not the year, so teachers believe you can't have a lot of fun you just have to work, work, work.

With all the chaos that term brings here are some tips to enjoy the last few days

Smile at everyone and everything

Laugh at every possible moment

Daydream about all the wonderful events that are going to happen these school holidays

Keep Calm and Carry on

If someone is annoyed with you be extra nice

Go on Pinterest and create your dream life in the holidays #lifegoals 

Make plans

Get excited

Most importantly don't let anyone or anything get to you and if it does just think

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