Sunday, 31 May 2015

Wot Opera + Drama Blacks

Over the past 5 weeks I have had a fantastic opportunity to be part of the Wot Opera program. Wot Opera was the opportunity for people with a creative flare to show others what they can do, their real potential, their own creation of theatre.
The aim for the program was to write, compose, choreograph and perform an original 20 minute Opera. It was the most exciting project to be involved with and I thank everyone involved making it happen in an extraordinary way.

With drama performances comes costume but costume is not always glamorous and sparkly a lot of time costume consist of drama blacks + a few accent pieces. Drama are black tights and a black T shirt quite boring and blends in. I am not a girl that is much into black, I love colour and want to live a colourful life but drama is much more than what you wear. It's about how you portray yourself through movement and speech. On the stage for a performance there cannot be any judgement how you are dressed but how you look. It is a very unique feeling  as you are no longer Chelsea you are Emmanuelle an exchange student from France. You can be anybody on stage, you can talk to people you would never talk to, say words that you wouldn't usually say.
It is an excellent skill to have and every now and again you need to remind yourself of you achievements and abilities in your drama blacks and then go add it to an ordinary activity and make it extraordinary.

Next time your feeling like YOU can't do something because of the way you are dressed, forget that and focus on the way you look and portray the real character inside of you.

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