Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Handbags for Autumn

The weather is finally cooling down. Winter is on it's way. Soon we can all be sitting around the fire with in our trackies with fluffy blankets.
Even though the cold weather is here we can't do nothing, we have to get to work and this needs to be done in style. You need your own signature fun go to handbag for the season.

Autumn has a it's own original colours to use but they are always the same. Try something new and be different use colour but give it an Autumn flare.
Handbags are an expression of who you are, here are some gorgeous handbags for all your feelings this season.

Feeling - The Winds Shiver
Cute bag for the season that screams structure with a creative flare. A fantastic choice for the everyday bag when feeling the winter chill.

Feeling - I love the cold <3
This Houndstooth bag tells the world that you love the season and are not afraid to have your statement bag. You may hate the winter but fake it till you make it with an amazing bag and you'll become the Snow Queen.

Feeling - Just Do It
In the winter things can be a struggle but you just need to do it . This season you need your badgal too cool for you bag, keep it practical, effortless and chic.

More inspo for handbags this season
Be Inspired and Be You! 

ps. To spice up any handbag add a scarf to the handle and you have an entirely new bag 

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  1. I love the chicken bag - it is so unique and cute.

  2. Autumn's almost come and gone but the treated me well in this transitioning season. I'm happy about all of that and it's gone well for me.