Friday, 23 January 2015

Time To Go To School!

Going back to school is often seen as the worst thing that can happen. You have to wear your uniform again, wake up early for the school bus and actually go to class and do work with actual PEN and PAPER. Nooo that's so boring but think of all the positives that come along with going back to school, YOU  can make 2015 the best school year yet. 

First before school starts YOU have to go stationery shopping. You need all your pens and pencils to be distinctly yours and super fun. It will brighten up any boring class or exam. 
You never want to miss the first day of school because all of that before school goss that happens
is just too exciting to miss. Then once the first bell rings you go to receive your timetable and hope that you are in classes with all your best friends AND THEN YOU ARE YAY! School becomes instantly more fun when you have your friends in you class, but then you see who your teachers are and cringe because you are going to have to put up with some DREADFUL teachers for the rest of the year. 
You always make sure to run to the locker area to get a good locker and then decorate it with all your favorite things that make you smile. 

Now you've got everything sorted and 2015 will be the best school year yet. Now stress less BeYou and enjoy the year ahead. 
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