Monday, 17 November 2014

Feeling Wicked

A few days ago I went to watch the amazing musical WICKED. It was such a brilliant and inspiring show and really touched me as I walked away from the theatre, what I uncounted was more than a show but a story of an unlikely friendship and how you can relate such a fantasy to your own life. It can also provide a new approach and perspective on many aspects of life.

The music in the show is amazing, the characters make you feel as though they are your friends and my favorite part to talk about is the costumes. The costumes in the musical are like nothing I have ever seen, they were so creative. The dresses were unique but beautiful and individual.  Each costume suited a different personality and figure making it to suit everyone but still match the ensemble. The detailing on everything was absolutely fantastic,
The show overall is a must for all ages and you never know how it change your look on life and where you can find the strongest friendships from the most unlikely circumstances.

Remember to take inspiration from all around you and you never know what might come your way you may start to even feel "Wicked"

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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog about Wicked - I re-lived the musical and I also loved the costumes.

  2. i love this new post !!!
    keep up the good work chelsea
    makes me feel wicked this post
    abosultoely touching in every way possible

  3. yaaaa this is my favourite musical! Lovely description