Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Marilyn Monroe

I love to play dress up. When I was little I would dress up in the most gorgeous fairy outfits covered with sequins and glitter accessorised with shoes decorated with a pom pom on top. Playing dress up was my own collection of treasures, a place where I had the ability to become anything or anyone I wanted to be. My dress up box was filled to the brim with delicate fairy wings, princess dresses, mermaid tails, magic capes, witches hats and many more accessories to transform myself into all the worlds of my imagination.

Going back in time and the characters from the past makes for a great dress up opportunity. Going back in time seems like such an incredibly romantic journey. The 50s is full of glamours parties and the silver screen, the 20s full of jazz, and dancing. It all seems so much fun and a place where I want to go even just for a day. 
I haven't been able to post myself back in time, but I did my hair up Hollywood glam style, dramatic wings on my eyes and a bold classic red lipstick. Hello Miss Marilyn Monroe. 
I had so much fun dressing up like Marilyn Monroe in her famous white dress being swept away in the wind. It really did feel as though I had travelled back in time into a film of the golden age. These pictures were taken at a family run picture theatre and boutique on the Central Coast of NSW. It's a dazzling and beautiful place to be that takes you on a journey back in time
See how you can get the "Marilyn Monroe" look on my YouTube channel

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Saturday, 24 June 2017

OOTD - Take a break and smell the Flowers

Top Glassons - Jeans Just Jeans- Bag Celine - Shoes rubishoes 

I love flowers, flowers of all kinds. They each have their own colours meanings and scents each are different in their own way but all share the beauty of nature and love. Flowers may make someones day make them crack a small cheeky smile. When you're feeling a little bit lost take a break, walk outside and smell the flowers around you. 

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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Winter Playlist 2017

The month of June has truly brought the season of winter with it. As I walk outside for the day ahead my face is greeted with the sharpness of cool air. Extra layers are added to my wardrobe as it's cold enough to be wearing all the gorgeous coats seen in the shop windows for the last few months. Winter is my favourite season, I love being able to rug up, have the fire on at night and just get cosy. My family is very loud through all seasons of the year and we listen to a lot of music and it inspires me each and every day. Music awards show evenings are fantastic at showcasing great music for the season. I've enjoyed watching the ACM's RDMA's the Billboard awards and the tribute to the Bee Gees a Grammy Salute.

Let music inspire you, tell your friends about it, speak to each other face to face.

Winter Playlist
- Speak to a girl (Tim McGraw and Faith Hill)
- Happy People (Little Big Town)
- All of me (Nashvillle)
- Thumbs (Sabrina Carpenter)
- God, your mama, and me (Florida Georgia Line + Backstreet Boys)
- Million Reasons (Lady Gaga)
- Love Me More (Maggie Rose)
- Body Like a Back Road (Sam Hunt)
- Chained to the Rhythem (Katy Perry)
- No promises (Shawn Mendes)
- Renegade Runaway (Carrie Underwood)
- Attention (Charlie Puth)
- Sunshine on my Shoulders (Carly Rae Jepsen)
- Issues (Julia Michaels)
- Starving (Hailee Steinfeld) ft Zedd
- Malibu (Miley Cyrus)
- There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back (Shawn Mendes)
- Cloud 10 (Caitlyn Shadbolt)
- Holy (Florida Georgia Line)

Listen to the Playlist here

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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Day at The Salon

I love getting my hair done. It always feels special and relaxing. It's time to just sit and enjoy yourself having the time to sit and read an actual glossy magazine and catching up on all the latest on Instagram all while dreaming about all kind of random thoughts and inspirations. Sometimes I feel like Elle Woods in the salon with Paulette and sometimes I make up stories about the people who are singing in the songs coming through the radio. I also get very excited to see how my hair will look after all the styling is complete. I love how my hair turned out, it looks long, blonde, sleek and stylish with a sweet curly throughout.

Watch the vlog of my time at The Salon below

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Monday, 15 May 2017

Akubras on the Beach

Top Sportsgirl - Shorts Jay Jays - Hat Akubra - Sunglasses Ralph Lauren

I love the beach and I love the country. Both give me a feeling of tranquility and peace. At the beach I can get lost in myself looking out to sea, watching the waves roll in predicting what they'll look like in a few hours, watching the tides change and always dreaming. I can dream of an old shipwreck from long ago and make up stories for those who were abroad or I may be randomly inspired and have an idea for a blog post or video or even a school project. 

The country is where my heart lies. I love country music, Akubras, peace and quiet and long country roads. I love the idea of being in a field of wildflowers surrounded by nothing but the beauty of the nature around me. 

Today I spent the day at the beach creating my own adventure climbing rocks, writing my name in the sand and trying my best not to loose my Akubra in the wind. 

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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Boom Clap Cover

Hello everyone,
I've just posted a new cover song on my YouTube channel featuring my talented friend Keira. We sang Charli XCX's Boom Clap. We were inspired by the amazing cover Lennon and Maisy did of this song. We had so much fun filming this, and can't wait to do more. Check it out below, like and subscribe and feel free to leave a comment too.

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